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Lynchval specializes in custom solutions for challenges facing our clients. In addition to providing our clients access to our complete product suite, our consultants assist clients with all aspects of defined benefit pension plans and OPEB plans. Such assistance can range from a small research project to a full scale custom designed product for U.S domestic and international clients. All projects follow an agreed upon requirements document and are managed by a professional project manager to ensure successful and timely completion.

Our "centers of excellence" provide comprehensive support to our clients on various aspects of our products and services. This ranges from help on setting up initial plans, training on entry point programming (EPP), and assisting client IT departments with internal set-up and product updates. Our standard reports are designed with Crystal Reports and many clients engage us to create their custom reports or provide training on this product. All support requests are logged and tracked ensuring quality and timely responses.

Lynchval is proud of being very flexible and innovative in responding to your employee benefit consulting needs.


  • Act as a back office by preparing actuarial valuations for clients who do not lease our system or are in a crunch
  • Preparation and review of sample lives
  • Initial set up of a plan on our LVVal, LVMed, LVALM, or LVAdmin system
  • Nondiscrimination studies
  • Custom programming for unusual plan features
  • Data reconciliations
  • Conversion of a book of business to our LV product suite
  • Customized benefit statements
  • Valuation and administration of non-qualified plans


  • Prepare asset liability modeling studies
  • Prepare accounting expense and disclosure statements for pension and OPEB plans
  • In depth gain/loss analysis
  • Analysis of claims data and setting of claims assumptions for use in OPEB valuations
  • Consulting for mergers & acquisitions
  • Plan termination services
  • Plan design
  • Completion of Form 5500 and Schedules SB and MB
  • Preparation of PBGC premium filings


  • Review of plan documents and interpretation of plan provisions
  • Review complex administration issues such as distributions and accruals for at risk plans, ยง415 benefit limitations, actuarial increases for late retirement, and coordination of benefits for rehires
  • Data review and data cleansing
  • Design of participant communications and supporting worksheets for calculation of benefits
  • Assistance with streamlining and documenting administration procedures
  • Preparation of call center responses to common participant questions


  • Custom design of user interfaces
  • Integration of our software with existing client software such as a payroll or HR application
  • Onsite installation in a custom environment
  • Customized import and export routines
  • Design and develop custom database structures
  • ASP solutions

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